Welcome to SESCI!


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Dear Visitor,

Welcome to SESCI!

You are reading the first blog entry of our international networking website. The site might be new, but not our organization, which has been founded in 2018 in Budapest, Hungary. Since then, our community has grown and today we are proud of our wide range of connections and experts we are working with.  Our contributors work at different Hungarian universities, think tanks, research centers, all over Hungary and beyond borders. 2 times a year, this community publishes a scientific publication to contribute to the enrichment of Hungarian scientific life.

For further information, visit our Funder’s website.


In 2022, we decided to make the next step and extend our operation to the international ground. Our focus areas are the security and defense policy, the foreign policy, and the diplomacy in Hungary, in the Carpathian Basin, in Europe. Our most important principle is to publish impartial and unbiased scientific articles while maintaining our independence.

As the current unfortunate events show, communication is inevitable to maintain peace and balance. Dialogue between nations and countries is the only way forward. We therefore attach great importance to the freedom of expression, the mutual understanding, and the maintenance of an eternal discussion.

The two pillars

If you are motivated to contribute to the development of our community, you can join us as a researcher to:

  • publish extraits from your studies
  • publish your articles
  • promote your scientific work
  • make connections with other researchers and experts with the same interest
  • work as a trainee
  • participate in the development of contacts internationally

The other key objective is to build partnerships with international organizations with similar interests and identify the common ground where we can evolve together:

  • organize new scientific projects together
  • cooperate with researchers and experts
  • make connection with other people with the same interest
  • promote your organization in Hungary
  • contribute to the promotion of science

If you have any idea, or suggestion, we would like to hear it! To get in touch with us, fill out the form at the bottom of the main page and we will get back to you.

We really hope to hear from you soon!

Rita Mészáros is Dialogue’s project coordinator and the scientific secretary of the editorial committee at Külügyi Műhely Alapítvány. She obtained her degree at Eötvös Loránd University of Budapest. She lived in France for several years. She is enthusiastic about diplomacy, international relations, security and defense policy. She is fluent in English, French and Hungarian and has limited proficiency in Italian.

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