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Challenges and possibilities of the Eurasian Economic Union

by Aida Bektasheva

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This post is intended to serve as a critical – analytical review of how the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) has challenges, differences, barriers in dealing with European Union since they are in the same geopolitical area. The purpose of this post is to provide a brief analysis and show different policy options for further pathways of cooperation between the two Unions.

The evaluation of the Slovenian “honey diplomacy”

by Ádám Sashalmi

 150 total views

The analysis of the foreign policy strategy behind the successful initiatives of Slovenia for the protection of bees and other pollinators set an example of a possible way for the diplomacy of a small state to make the state active, visible, and significant in international relations despite her dimensions. This extract describes the main results of the analysis of Slovenian honey diplomacy.

Is the EAEU following the EU or an attempt to restructure the former Soviet interest sphere?

by Balázs Szabó

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The international political and economic alliances are essential parts of the globalisation process that have spanned all world regions. Nowadays – even if there is a general need for nation states to maintain the balance of interests of supranational organisations and those who make them up – states alone may face hardships in interest advocacy.



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The Dialogue for Regional Security and Science is an international networking project founded and maintained by the Külügyi Műhely Alapítvány. We operate in accordance with the guidelines, laid down by the founder.
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